Sunday, July 28, 2013

Things I Learned This Week

Things I learned this week:

1) Buying a new car freaks me out. Daddy and I are looking into buying a new car. If everything goes well with financing we will have a new (larger) family member Monday evening. Filling out the financing application and talking to someone about handing the Prius over as a trade made me anxious. Does buying a new car make everyone anxious? I've always felt kind of uneasy about it. Maybe it's the idea that I'll buy this new car and then see another one I want (or the same car cheaper), like, two days later. If all goes well, photo to come this week...

2) Sending Silas out to do #anotherSaturdayouting without me makes me sad. Saturday he went to the duck pond, playground, and out for lunch with Uncles Nic and Carlos. He had a blast. I stayed home with Sage while Daddy worked. I think I have to learn that these outings are not about me and Silas (or me and Sage). They're about the kids having fun, no matter who is the adult along for the ride. I need to get over myself.

Silas feeding ducks

3) Running shoe inserts are more expensive than the sneakers. Well not really, but I spent $115 on shoes and $45 on the inserts. What the what?! Of course the inserts weren't marked. And of course I didn't ask. I got gotten by The Man.

4) These things are awesome. You need to make them. They're apple/croissant/sugar/cinnamon goodness. The recipe makes 8. They were gone in less than 45 minutes. I may have eaten 4.

Apple goodness. Make thiisssssss.

5) This little boy is learning crazy things. Sage is 1 (well 13 months, whatever). He has learned to "hop" his high chair. This thing started out in front of the table. This child needs heavy monitoring.

Look Mom, I hop!

What did you learn this week? Anything fun you want to share?