Monday, July 29, 2013

Exciting Things to Come

30 days...30 posts...just for fun and maybe prizes? Read some new blogs and get some Internet exposure? Sign me up!

Here's the funny part. I saw this (paid) advertisement on Facebook about the Simple Blogging Network 30 Day Challenge and so I clicked on it just to see what's up. Well. One thing I really liked about the idea was that you posted your daily link in a group on FB - there's some accountability for you. Plus there are prizes available. But you had to pay to sign up. Boo. But then I saw how much I had to pay. I paid $2.09. No joke. The price goes up though so it's better to get in early.

What do you get? Possible prizes, exposure, comments on your posts (and not just "good job"), and best of all, you get practice in writing every day. All of the "big" bloggers and people who write about blogging well will tell you this is important. There are also weekly seminars (that are recorded in case you're, you know, working) about blogging topics.

So I'm in. Are you? Learn more here.