Wednesday, July 31, 2013

First Time Honda Buyer, Comin' Through!

As our readers may know, I've driven a Prius since 2009. We bought it before the boys were born, before they were even thought of, and it was a great little car. It served us well. Until there were too many Wrights to travel comfortably in the 4-door hatchback of Prius goodness. Liz, Mike, Silas, Sage, and the two Girly dogs could no longer travel happily in the Prius. There was just not enough space. So Daddy and I started looking for a new ride.

After test driving a used Honda Pilot (2011) (among many other vehicles...many. other. vehicles. it was a long day), I felt I had found The One. It had enough seats for everybody and then some. It had third row seating, enough for three others besides us (and not uncomfortably I might add). The third row folded down and there was trunk space for bags and Girly dogs and groceries. The used model I looked at had a backup camera in the rear view mirror. I'm a very kinesthetic person, and to me, it just felt right. Good head space. Good space around the arms. Not cramped.

I needed Mike to drive one before I did anything because, well, he's 6'8" - if he doesn't fit in a car (comfortably), then I won't get it. Last Saturday evening we left the boys with some friends and I took Mike to drive everything on my (short) list of vehicles I liked. Rather than go back to the used dealership I had started at, I suggested we head to the source - an actual Honda dealership. They had to have more used Pilots than a random dealership right?

We pulled in to Gunn Honda and we were surprised - no salespeople were hawking us from the sidewalk. After days of looking at cars, I wondered what was up. We went inside. It was Saturday. 6 p.m. (they closed at 7). Bad us for looking so late (and if you've ever worked retail you're thinking, "I hate those people!"). Everyone was busy. Finally I grabbed an employee who was walking out the door and asked if there was a line or if we should sign in to see someone. He told me he could find me someone and if he couldn't, then he could show us a car. His name was Hugo, and he worked in Internet Sales (as in you indicate interest online and he can/will actually bring you the car to test drive at your work or wherever you need him to). We asked him about used Pilots and he showed us one they had - he also reminded us that the price of this new one was similar in price to a brand new base model. Brand new you say? It can't be.

But it was. Mike got to test drive a 2013 Honda Pilot LX (even newer than the one I did, grumble grumble). And he was pretty excited about it. It had good leg and knee room for him. He did not have to put the seat all the way back to drive - there was actually still some room to move it back (so it could be good for someone even taller). After Mike drove we left because we didn't want to be those people who were even there AFTER the store closed. Hugo asked us to fill out an online financing application and I went back on Monday to talk about financing and to get the Prius appraised. On Tuesday we were finally able to sit with financing and get papers signed.

Watch out now...
Mind you, we went in after Mike got off work and brought two kiddos with us. Hugo hung out with Silas in Gunn's kid-friendly room (NickJr playing, toys galore, lots of stuff to do...I wanted to stay there...) so that we could get everything done. I'm honestly not sure I've ever met a staff that would bend over backwards for us like the Honda staff did. Yes, I know, they're trying to sell cars, but you can tell that the folks at Gunn Honda are appreciative of your business and want to help you reach the goal you have of buying a car you want and can afford. They have the One Price feature where their price is there, displayed in the vehicle, and the staff is salary rather than commission-based. So really you get what you see, which is nice to see at a car dealership.

Our newest family member

So I'm excited to say we've added a 2013 Honday Pilot LX to our family. We're first time Honda buyers and super excited about it. Now comes the period where we learn how to turn off the AC and turn on the radio. That's the worst part of buying a new car isn't it? All your stuff's in a different spot. They explained it all to us, but I think you get so overwhelmed you just stop remembering. But I know how to fold down the seats, and if I fold down all the seats I can fit my bike in there. I could fit a gorilla in there. OK, maybe not, but you get the picture.

I'm excited to learn more about my new car and thankful for all the folks at Gunn Honda for helping us. Now I'm off to learn to park something that's about twice the size of my previous car. Wish me luck...

**And no, nobody paid me to write this. I'm sincerely appreciative and thankful for a good customer service experience. I'm a firm believer that you should always let people know when they're doing a fantastic job.**