Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Today We Swam

Silas has been swimming once, a little over a year ago while Daddy and I were hanging out in the NICU with Sage. I figured a fun #anothersaturdayouting would be to go swimming. Friends have a community pool so Silas, Sage, and I invaded this morning while Daddy nursed a hangover.

My big boy

The result? Super fun. Once we realized that Sage's "boat" needed to be blown up and Silas' borrowed vest wouldn't keep him from dunking himself, we were good.

           We splashed out in the kiddie pool, Silas freaked himself out by going under (only to learn...that he could touch bottom), and Silas pulled Sage and his boat around. It was very sweet.

Pushing brother's boat around
It's only 2 feet of water?
Then someone invited Silas into the big pool and he wanted to learn to swim. We floated, and dog paddled, he got out, he got back in (not at the steps - way to freak your mother out)...and finally he attempted to slip in at the far deep end and everyone got to hear my Mommy Voice as I was too far away (and carrying Brother) to jump in to 7 feet after him.

Sage in his boat and our friend Nic

Then we were done. It was almost nap time so the ability to listen dwindles then as parents know. We get in the car and he tells me, "I went under free time Mommy." I know dude. I was there. I pulled you sputtering from the depths of 2 feet of water!

What's the most fun family outing you've done? I need some more Saturday ideas!