Sunday, July 21, 2013

You Did What?!

While I haven't been writing about it, I've still been running. Once I got my heart shiz under control I went back to the C25K program because I really do enjoy it. Who wouldn't? You get to get out of the house, you get exercise, endorphins, whoo hoo! Sadly for me, some meds I take are the kind you're supposed to avoid sun exposure with, so running in the Texas heat + these meds = bright red skin that feels as if I have ants biting every square inch. That's if I don't get every square inch with SPF 70 active sun block. Yay. Thankfully I have another month and a half of these meds and I'm out. Oh wait, that's when summer ends. D'oh!

So wait, what did I do? Long story rather quick - I post running updates to Twitter. A friend who does 5ks plus other stuff that I would never sign up for in my life like Tough Mudder...mud...shudder. Anyway...she responded to a tweet that I should sign up for a 5k. I replied that I would look around for one. She said that signing up for one motivates you. D, don't take this the wrong way, but, *eye roll* Sure, I'll sign up for one (not). I really wasn't intending to.

I told my friend Robyn (who just had a baby and was super fit after Air Force training) that I had started running again and every once in a while she asks how it's going. It's going. I'm still running, and that's good right? I told her what D said about the 5k. She said she wanted to do one of those "color runs." Well. It just so happens that I did Google 5ks in San Antonio and there was a color-type run September 14. In a "I'll do it if you do it" moment of teen girl Truth or Dare weakness, we signed up.


Today is Sunday, July 21. We have 55 days (not counting the day of the race) to get ready. Suggestions?