Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Phoenix

It's Time.

After a few months away of trying to right myself with the world, I'm back. And in case you can't tell, the blog's had a face lift. A "Face Off" or a...hold on...(Me: Honey, what's that movie with the guy in Mexico who pays some other guy to take his face, it's William Dafoe..." Daddy: "Once Upon A Time in Mexico?" Me: it really? *Googles it* Me: Oh, yeah. Thanks.). Or like "Once Upon a Time In Mexico." Except I didn't pay anybody. And nobody died. And John Travolta and William Dafoe don't read my blog (that I know of).

Rambling aside, it's time for a rebranding of sorts. I think I divert from the blogaplan every once in a while because I get interested in something that just doesn't seem to fit with the theme here. But I forget that I make the freakin' theme, so yeah.

If you're a reader, what can you expect from me? Well, nothing I hope honestly. I mean come on, I disappear off the grid like your crazy uncle every once in a while and show up months later with a new wife and two adopted kids...wait what? Sorry. Moral of the story, keep expectations low and you won't be upset.

So you have been warned. Things will be different around here so help me...oh wait, that's what I told Daddy a few months ago. No worries, he's still here, he's still alive, it's all good. But things will be different. Some different topics to fill your noodle, and hopefully some shorter posts because MAN can that chick ramble, you know?

And there's Instagram - MamaAroundTheHouse if you play on IG. Don't forget the Twitter and the Facebook. Because we all know how important The Social Media is. But really, sometimes I can be funny. So it may entertain you. Note the "may."

Onward! *Neiiiiigghhhhh says the horse*