Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Paying it forward 2013

The closer we get to Thanksgiving, the giddier I become. At our house, we try to do one good deed a day the whole year, but we ramp it up near the holidays. It's important to pay it forward and  not pay it back, because we want the goodwill, good intentions, happiness to catch on like a virus!! Let's face it, everything nowadays always holds a note of gloom, whether it's the news, or day-to-day nonsense. We need to combat that!!

What's the cure for the winter blues? Doing something for another person just because. No strings attached! There's not a better feeling in the world than getting he warm fuzzies after you've made someone's day. My project that goes on year-round, is to collect any used "play condition" cloth diapers, wash them and pass them on to needy Mamas. I sometimes give them a little lesson on how to use the diapers and what things to stuff them with(kitchen towels work, and socks too in a pinch). It feels good to know that these Mamas won't have to choose between putting food on the table or diapering their newborn. Sometimes, I had more Mamas asking for diapers than I had diapers!! It's a labor of love that I hope I can continue throughout the years.

"Wheel Chair In Hospital" by sakhorn38 from FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Lisa's gifting again!

In addition to this project, I always pick a person to do something nice for daily. It can be nothing more than stopping to ask them how they' are doing, or sending a package of something that they really wanted, or complimenting someone on a job well done. This year, I've picked my recipient. She doesn't know that I'm up to something, as she's living with a disability and forgets things sometimes, but I see her at Mass and always try to help her caretakers out when they're there. They're always grateful that I sit in the same pew and don't ask if they need help, I just give it. Well, since I sit behind her, I've seen the condition of her wheelchair bag, and I've decided to gift her a new one anonymously. Maybe leave it with a note on her wheelchair when she's not in it. I'm notorious for stealthy sneaking, even when in plain sight, so it shouldn't be too hard...albeit funny, as I'm sneaking around in church. Ha! I'm positively giddy about it and can't wait to carry it out. Wish me luck!

So, what does his have to do with you? I challenge you to Pay it Forward, whether by doing a small good deed daily, a big project, or a stealthy good-deed drive by. The prize for this: warm fuzzies that will catch on and multiply until it's a virus everyone wants to catch. When the deed is done, come back here and report it!! Let us know what you've done, who was the recipient, and how it was received. Just remember the rules: don't expect anything back from recipient, don't break the bank, have fun, and share win everyone you know not in order to get a pat on the back, but with the sole intent to get them to do it too. That's it!! Simple, huh? Pay it Forward 2013 starts now!! :)

You know what to do!! Tell us all about your Pay it Forward adventures. Let's make this a new family tradition!! Have fun !! 

Photo "Wheel Chair In Hospital" by sakhorn38 from FreeDigitalPhotos.net