Thursday, November 28, 2013

From the mouth of babes: Thanksgiving edition

So, instead of the usual Thanksgiving post, we wanted to do something different. We know why we, as adults, are thankful: health, children, happiness in the home, jobs, you name it. But was does this holiday mean to our littles? I thought I'd ask Pixy(5) and Banshee (3). Here's what I got:

Pixy: it's important to give thanks. For my sister because she's so special and she cares about me and I care about her. It's important to give love and kindness. To my new brother when he comes. I'm looking forward to family time and give thanks for our family and animals and give thanks for us. Because we were made special.

Banshee: God and eating turkey, and cranberries, and eating some stuffing. Eating is important on Thanksgiving and I eat candy.

Huh. Not only do their answers give insight I to how their brains think at their ages, but how important they felt that they were being asked their opinion. It was a fun assignment and I hope I get to be a reporter in this way again.

Liz asked Silas what Thanksgiving means as well.
Silas, age 3.5: "Kisses and hugs. And presents."  
Liz: "No that's Christmas Silas. What's Thanksgiving for?"  
"Um birthdays?"

From the MATH family to yours, may you stuff yourself with food, enjoy quality time with your family, and capture all those funny moments. You may need them as comic relief later!! ;)

Your assignment for today and tomorrow, besides family and food, is to ask your littles what Thanksgiving means to them. What's important about this holiday? Share their answers with us! The wisest and simplest things really do come "from the mouths of babes". 

Happy thanksgiving!!! We are thankful for all of you readers, sharing yourself and children's stories with us. It means a lot to all of us.