Sunday, November 3, 2013

What We Learned This Week (November 3, 2013 edition)

It's November! Goodbye Halloween, decorations, helloooo fall decorations! Let's see what the Mamas learned this week...

What we learned this week (November 3rd edition)
Silas was a great dragon!
1) My son Silas (3.5) has the amazing capability to be super sweet and to use good manners. On Halloween he went up to the folks giving out candy, said, "Trick or Treat!" and roared (he was a dragon), gave them his basket, received candy, said, "Thank you! Happy Halloween!" and went on his way. It was amazing. I could tell when he got tired though because he started going up to candy buckets and trying to seize handfuls. He told one woman who was handing out animal cookies, "No t'ank you, I no like dose. Candy," and walked away.

2) Waiting on getting my degree conferred is more nerve wracking than finishing it up! I've done all my parts now I'm just waiting for other people to do their parts and it's the whole "hurry up and wait" idea. I keep reminding myself that I'm done and will be degree conferred November 30th but seriously, get your acts together people.

3) Sick kids are no fun. And this isn't something new I've learned. I knew it before but this past week was especially tough (and trying for parents and kids). Both boys were sick. Silas woke up Saturday night crying for me and Sage woke up Sunday night sounding like he was breathing under water and could only be consoled by...momma. They got better this week but ugh. First cold of the season, you suck.

1. Grown up time is wonderful. I've been placed on bed rest due to some contractions and can't get out. My friend popped over for a little while to chat and it was glorious! We got to chat about everything (baby related and not) and laugh a bit, because let's face it...I'm crazy. The cool thing? I met her on a cloth diaper group a while ago and we figured out we live very close to each other. Love when you find, make, and keep friendships that start in an uncommon way. :) I got to vent a little about all the things going on here and she talked about her wee one--who is precious. I'd call this a win!

2. Halloween rocked!!! We only got 8 kids here and now have a surplus of candy...sigh. But, the girls got to trick-or-treat in the rain for a little while in our old neighborhood and visited our old house. Apparently, they had a blast as they got to go inside our neighbors houses. They even handed out candy at our old neighbor's house!! Oh my!! Since I'm supposed to be in bed, I couldn't go with them buuuut, Rocky Horror Picture Show was on. Yesssss!! <fist pump> It helped me to remember just how much I love Tim Curry. No better sweet transsexual from Transylvania than him!!

3. We got a great phone call this week from Banshee's doctor! It seems like the program that we'd been on the waiting list for over a year, has an opening for her!! We are over the moon!! Because it's a little expensive (way expensive but that's ok), we're praying insurance can help us a little. Banshee will benefit from the extra exposure to new friends, speech therapy, and get to be at Kennedy Krieger in Baltimore...which is where she is happiest. Did I mention that she comes home from regular school and says: I don't have to go anymore. I don't learn anything!? Lol!! She cracks me up!!


1. I've learned that the show Extreme Cheapskates is almost unrealistic. I know what I would give in return if my husband got me (almost dead) flowers, teapot (out of the dumpster) and a card (a get well card from my friend with the date changed and her name scratched out) for our 25th wedding anniversary...A DIVORCE!

2. Staying at home is making me crazy. I've started to make bows to occupy my spare time, and they are actually turning out cute. It's scary to see that sweatpants and a pony tail might be my everyday in the near future if I keep this up. Therefore, I've learned I'm more than ready to go back to work, and the job search has increased!
Robyn and baby R

3. I've learned that the next time I wait at the VA, I shall bring: a lunch, blanket, pillow, picnic basket, face shield, a gallon of hand sanitizer, my own pen, phone charger, a babysitter, change of clothes, mosquito net, Lysol wipes and wrinkle cream. You never know what might happen in the 4 hours you wait in line at that place!

What about you, what did you learn this week? Share something exciting, interesting, or just plain funny!