Sunday, November 10, 2013

What We Learned This Week (November 10, 2013 edition)

How can we be 1/3 of the way through November?! Time flies when you're having fun (or busy) eh? What new learnings did you have this week? Share your fun ones with us in the comments.

1. Rest is great! I've become reacquainted with a book series that I love and it's been helping stave off cabin fever. Thankfully, bed rest should be over soon!! A couple more weeks until Cubby is here.

2. Was patted on the back by Banshee's doctor about our parenting. Always good to hear someone who knows how hard you've been working to get help and maintaining life as usual, tell you that you've got it under control. Sailor and I gave each other a high five. That was the extent of our congratulations.

3. Cracked up at Pixy, who has apparently found boys. She wrote on a piece of paper ' I love Max'. Now, there is no Max in her classroom, so I'm assuming it is someone from the playground? Anyway, I asked her why does she love him and her answer made poor Sailor start having palpitations: " I think he's cute!" Seriously?! This stuff happens in Kindergarten?! :)


I've learned that the Rosemary bushes on the walk to school 'smell like Christmas' according to Kasen. He's associated smells with holidays, and it totally warms my heart! 

I got the chance to remember how good shopping for myself feels. I gave Forever 21 a good run, and felt fabulous walking out of there. It was like the sunshine had opened up the clouds, and a beam of light was shining down on my golden curls as I strutted out. It feels good to spoil yourself rotten every now and then! 


I was reminded that I only have so much mental energy and that days like Tuesday (our annual Psychology Day at the college) sap so much of my energy that I'm useless for, like, 2 days afterwards. It's a fun day, don't get me wrong, but introverts like me need to take a break for safety's sake if you know what I'm saying.

I learned that you can use tea bags and super glue to fix cracked nails. My right index finger nail cracked all the way from the side to the middle in a bad spot; it's the type of spot that trimming the nail down is just going to cause you pain. Robyn suggested I super glue it. I did. It cracked again within the day. So I read online that you can super glue then put a small piece of a tea bag over the glue and it will hold in place better. So far so good.

Nail fun!
Since I've finished my PhD I've been at a loss as to "what to do next," and this is something I've heard from a lot of people who finished their PhDs. It's like this, "Ok what now?" phenomenon. I have turned to...nail art for now. How fun is this? I came up with the idea and Hubby figured out how to do the hearts. He says he can do Chevron on the ends of my nails. Can. Not. Wait.

Now you share: what did you learn? Comment below with the coolest thing you learned this week.