Thursday, November 14, 2013

Parents Need a Break

At our "jobs," we're allowed a certain amount of down-time, sometimes by law depending on what state you're in and how long you work. It's called a "break." As parents, breaks are important too.

I was messaging with a good friend the other day and she said she wasn't prepared for the amount of noise 2 kids would make. When combined with kids, pets, and sometimes music or TV, it can be sensory overload. Sometimes we just need a quiet time break.

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Need quiet!
My husband and I have an understanding where if one of us gets overloaded, we get to sit outside and take a break that is protected by the other person (no wandering kids or dogs come out onto the porch) but the kids also learn that break time is a person's quiet time (and they can take breaks too). My older son has asked for quiet time away from his brother as well, and he gets it. These two spend all day together, and then come home to eat and bathe together. They even share a room and toys. I can completely understand a request to have time away from your younger sibling who follows you around and plays with the same toys.

Protected breaks where we as adults make sure the other adult (or the child) will have uninterrupted down time are important. They help us recharge our batteries so to speak and help us to regain some lost mental energy. Parents should not feel guilty for wanting some time alone, some quiet time to recharge our batteries (and our patience). In my mind it helps me to be a better parent and teaches my kids that they too may need down time and can take it without being interrupted.

Do you take Mommy or Daddy Breaks? What do you enjoy doing during your break?

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