Monday, November 4, 2013

MicroTouch SwitchBlade Review

Sometimes we forget that parenting includes Dads too. Mike, my husband, was able to review the MicroTouch SwitchBlade. We received the MicrotTouch SwitchBlade for review from Ideavillage. The SwitchBlade is designed to be an "all in one" tool for grooming - it can do the small stuff like nose hair all the way to trimming your hair on your head between cuts. When I heard about that I thought, "Really? I wonder how that works." Well let me show you.

MicroTouch SwitchBlade Review
MicroTouch SwitchBlade All in One Trimmer

The SwitchBlade has two ends - the top is for micro-grooming (nose, eyebrows, small areas) while the bottom is for the llarger areas such as your hair. Each side has guards as well so if you're doing No Shave November you can still keep your beard trimmed (but keep the length).

The SwitchBlade with attachments

The SwitchBlade requires 2 AAA batteries (not included). They go in the bottom and in order to turn it on you have to bring the guard for the larger trimmer all the way down and click it before you can push the button (top middle below the smaller trimmer).

Closest trim

Mike wanted to see if he could use the SwitchBlade rather than shaving but I tried to remind him it was a trimmer. Above is as close as the trimmer would get. If you're a "full shaver" you would still need to use a razor - this is great for trimming areas you just need to clean up though. Mike used it as a nose hair trimmer and it worked well.

Overall evaluation? If you're a trimmer user or are interested in one, this is the one to try. It gives you the versatility of both sides (micro and larger trims), and has guards that slip on and off easily. It's lightweight so you can take it with you for travel, and cordless (but batteries are required).

These retail for $19.99 and can be found here or at some stores. We received this item for a review for free from Idea Village, but the opinions and experiences are our own.