Sunday, November 24, 2013

What We Learned (November 24th edition)

Another week closer to the holidays? What did you learn this week? Big or small, it's all interesting!

Robyn and Liz learned that Lisa's been havibg contractions all week and completely off the hook. Love you!!!!

1. I've learned something new about men: "Having toe hair is masculine!" (Anonymous source) *Eww! Gag!*

2. I've learned that the saddest thing to see at the grocery store on a cold Saturday night, is a single elderly man (no ring on the finger) with a frozen lasagne and garlic bread, with a 40 of bud light in line waiting to check out. 

3. I've learned helicopter rides ROCK! My son turned 6 this week, and I took him on a helicopter tour of the city. He absolutely loved it! From now on, I'm convinced that memories should be made, instead of toys being given out for such occasions. 

1) It's not something I just learned but something I observed firsthand - 3 year olds can hear it once and use it correctly. A family friend used the s-word at our house without thinking about small ears and Silas said, "S^%# my car's stuck" later that night. We asked what he just said and he replied, "Help? Help my car's stuck?" So he knows. He knows.

2) If you work hard people will ask you to do more work. Sometimes that's good and sometimes it's annoying.

3) I have found the crock pot love. I've been using it a lot in the last few weeks and Mike said, "Whatever comes out of this thing is really good." Sold! If you have an awesome recipe for me to try, leave a link in the comments. I'd love some new ones to try!

What about you, our lovely readers? What did you learn this week? Comment below and let us know!