Sunday, March 2, 2014

What We Learned (March 2, 2014 Edition)

What, it's March you say? No way! It seems as if Christmas was just last week. Speaking of weeks, what did the Mamas learn and experience this week? Lisa's is way more fun than something that she learned so don't miss it! Don't forget to comment at the bottom with something cool or funny that you learned.

Since this is my bday weekend, I'd like to make my WWL post into a bday wish. I share my bday with Dr. Seuss and Jon Bon Jovi, so it is a cool day.

My bday wish on this, the beginning of my 33rd year, is for some time spent reading a book, eating a lasagna, and getting loved on by my band of misfits. Pretty simple, huh? Nevermind that there's a snow storm on the way...again! With all the craziness of last year and the speed this year has already gotten, some uninterrupted family time is seriously all I want.  That's really what all these weekly lessons boil down to: learning to be a good human while being present for your own band of misfits. So, raise your glass to those born on March 2nd, say it in a Seussy rhyme, listen to some Bon Jovi, and have a great weekend!!

See ya next week! :)

I've learned that a white chocolate shell from a chocolate covered strawberry resembles a biore strip...eww!
Strawberry or Biore...?

I've learned that F16's sound like freedom as I eat my wrap and drink my sweet tea under the shade tree in the 86 degree texas weather. 

Lastly, I've learned that there are some friends that just 'get' you. Usually that conversation starts out like 'omg, you're gonna think I'm nuts, but...' And ends with the other friend feeling relieved as they thought they were the only one in the world that felt this way. Keep that type of friend forever! That's the sign of a BEST friend. 

Last week I wrote about how we changed over our cell phone providers to Republic Wireless to save money. Another part of the "save money" plan was to ditch cable and get Netflix and HuluPlus instead (no we were Netflix free before that). I had planned to do this by getting a piece for our current TV that made it WiFi compatible, but it turns out that our TV was so old it didn't have a USB port. D'oh! So I hawked TVs and decided that when I was ready to change, we'd get a Smart TV, add Neftlix and HuluPlus, and ditch cable. I talked to Mike about it and he was on board. Then a former student who works at an appliance store told me he had a TV on clearance that would fit our needs. Needless to say, we made the switch this past week. While I'm not a fan of making lots of changes in a short period of time, buying the TV, setting it up, getting Netflix and HuluPlus, and transitioning from no cable was actually pretty easy and we're happy with it. Now I'm less happy with my new Internet bill (since we had bundled previously) but that's another story. Now I'm searching for cheaper Internet providers. That's my next project.

With the new TV watching options I've realized we watch less TV. No longer is the TV just "on" at our house - we watch a specific show or movie (and thank God it's not always the same movie anymore) and then we're done with it. There's no just searching for what's on and watching something random because there's nothing else on. I looked at all the kids shows on Netflix and randomly tried Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood for the boys and OMG they are entranced. And it's a great show. Score!

An amazing friend asked me if I wanted to take a mini-vacation during my Spring Break this year, and Mike agreed! So Michelle and I are going to stay in a hotel one night during break and relax. I don't think I need to say that I'm very excited and looking forward to it. Not only will I get to hang out with Michelle which I don't get to do often, but I'll get to relax for almost 24 hours. Nobody asking me for drinks. No little boys getting into a fight (which has started). No dogs. Nobody refusing to eat what I cook. Will I miss my husband and my sons? You bet. Immensely. I'll miss hugs and kisses and sweet boys and cuddling with Mike, but I'll be able to do those things the day before and the day after too.

What about you? Share in the Comments below with us.