Sunday, March 9, 2014

What We Learned (March 9 Edition)

It's already the 2nd week of March. The weather is still wonky but hopefully we're moving out of the cold and into the spring. Flowers have already started blooming in Texas! There's hope! Every Sunday the Mamas post about what they learned this week and what they expeienced, and then we ask you, our amazing readers, to jump on the wagon and give us the dirt on what good things happened to you. Be sure to leave us some sunshine!

After our front loader needed the bearings replaced (because it sounded like a jet engine), I've learned that the 'upgraded model's difference is foam insulation. So, this week, I've learned to add the title of 'washing machine repair and upgrade man' to my husbands title.

We went antiquing this week, and I've learned that prices are completely negotiable. Towards the end when hubby was loading up some new (well new to us) office furniture, I added four more trinkets to our stash to take home. Totaling over $31, the clerk accepted the $20 I had in hand. So, negotiations do work, Try it out!

Within the past 3 months, our family has lost 4 people very close to us. It seems like life is too short to not take chances while working hard to be a success. With that being said, I am now an official business owner. I learned the process of starting a business through the courthouse, and am beginning to start the website. Stay tuned, great things are about to start happening. 

1. I managed to trade in my phone for a new one. This is huge because while I'm on the iPhone bandwagon, I became attached to my iPhone with its cool Jack Skellington. I have since gotten the new model which I needed badly and I'm learning to love it.

2. I found $10 in between the seats in my truck. What to do with this treasure?! I could buy a million zillion things!! I could but I will settle for a dollar menu treat to share with everyone.

3. I was able to trim Cubby's fingernails after the bloodbath that he created on my face. He scratched me so bad that I have a bit of a shiner. Little stinker! I usually stay on top of it but man...I'm never waiting this long again. I SHOULD know better. Pixy scratched my cornea with her baby nails and caused one of the worst eye injuries my ophthalmologist has ever seen. Sigh..... :)

1. I should have invested in Teddy Grahams when they came out. Seriously. Both boys are crazy for "cookie bears" and will eat them for snack or dessert or whenever you want to throw them at them. Silas was like this with Goldfish at one point too. I know it's just a phase but dang if I shouldn't be buying boxes of these things a week.

2. I finally received my diploma in the mail - I now officially have all my "I graduated with my PhD" accoutrements. Now to find a place to get it framed nicely.

3. Before I had kids I was very much a purse and shoe person. I can't tell you how many Coach purses I had and sold after Silas was born because leather and babies is just not where it's at - I mean if something's going to vomit on your purse, it probably shouldn't be Coach. So I got rid of everything except two small black evening hand bags that sit, lonely, in my closet. A friend asked this week what I had bought myself for graduation and I thought, "Nothing. And I want nothing. Is that weird?" Yes, it is, she responded. So I started thinking, well a new work bag would be nice. And I haven't bought a new purse in almost 2 years, so maybe a bag? I started scoping ebay and ebags for deals and fell in love with Kate Spade's recent stuff. So after a small purse buying spree (that my Mom assisted on), I am done. But all those pretty "girls" (as my friend Michelle calls her purses) are so pretty to look at and drool over.

Now it's your turn - what's been amazing in your week?