Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Owning the Snow Queen

I was called The Snow Queen in high school. I hated it. It was started by a friend of mine because he thought that I thought myself above everyone and a snob. So, I was a bit sad and anxious when the movie Frozen came out. Strong women were something to be made fun of, not celebrated. Every little girl was excited for that snow queen but all I could hear was the nastiness behind the name.

For the record, I never thought I was above anyone in high school. In fact, I hated being there. Sure, I had a nice group of friends since elementary school but I felt like I could do better learning things on my own at home. My parents were teachers in the local public school system and felt the need to practice what they preached, as it were. For the most part, my head was buried in books or I was busy writing stories, so I can see how that can come off as snooty but when approached, I was always a nice person. I just didn't have time for nonsense. Kind of like right now. 

I hated to be called The Snow Queen. My male friends would shiver when I walked by them and it was annoying as all hell. I would cock my eyebrow at them and they would act as if is frozen them on the spot. Not my fault that I didn't want to fit any sort of mold. Boys are idiots. Fast forward to Disney creating Queen Elsa, a snow queen, and I started to be afraid of her. Afraid of myself. Maybe there was something to the nickname? Doubt is a horrible thing.

The Sailor took the girls to see the movie and I was glad of it but nervous to hear about it all. Banshee loved the movie so much that she started to sing and talk about it all the time. Pixy was excited because she loved dancing to the music and said the story was amazing. Sailor loved it because he said Queen Elsa was strong and kicked butt, certainly a snow queen he could endorse. Huh. Really?

I decided to go and experience it for myself. This was not a Snow Queen to be mocked. She rocked and even though she doubted herself, doubted her strength, she didn't apologize for it once she felt comfortable in her skin. A smart, poised Snow Queen. Now, that's royalty I don't mind being compared to. 

That night, I shared with my girls the name I was called by friends in high school. Their reaction was priceless! Pixy said: "I'm glad you owned it, Mama. Strong ladies are awesome. I want to be like that." Banshee said:" Boys are jackasses." Yup, it looks like I passed on the qualities that I was mocked for to my two little Snow Queens in-training. I think I finally feel comfortable with that name. I owned my personal Snow Queen. Now, I need to look for a mountain and sing out my metamorphosis. What a win! 

Have you owned a nickname or name you were called in the past? How did you get there? Share with us! 

Photo courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net "Ice Queen" by Charisma