Sunday, March 30, 2014

What We Learned (March 30, 2014 Edition)

Every week we summarize what we learned during the week or the experiences that we had. Below you'll read about what the Mamas did this week and what they found interesting. We'd love to hear from our readers as well! Comment below to let us know what you learned.

1) I forgot how much I enjoy using my Ergo to back carry my sons. Today Mike and my step-son were working in the garden, and Sage was just about to nap time but not quite. So I took the Ergo and put it on, asked Mike to help me put Sage in on my back, and I took the boys for a walk around the block. Sage was asleep by the time we turned the corner to the next street to make our circle. It was very sweet to have a little boy sleeping peacefully on my back.

2) This week was very spring/early summer here in south Texas. After the morning coolness burned off we spent the afternoons and evenings in shorts and t-shirts as the rest of the country gave us nasty looks. Spring is coming you guys! I promise! *Hence the spring-themed banner this week*

3) I added a new medication a few weeks ago that was supposed to decrease my joint pain from my Lupus/arthritis. As I've said before, if there's a side effect, it's mine, I own it. All of them. So an hour after I took it I have been dead dog tired for about 2 hours then it wore off. Finally this week I fell asleep at a stop light on the way to work (and promptly came home and called my doctor). This is NOT working. We switched to taking it at night (which can have the side effect of insomnia, yay). We'll see how this works. Some days I feel like a medical guinea pig where all these doctors are like, "Hey, let's try THIS!"


1. The garage is a great place to play and we are not scared of it anymore. I can cook and pay attention to them at the same time. SCORE!

2. Sailor really wants to babywear again. He wore the girls in a Bjorn forever, beat it to hell, and said he wants an upgrade. We visited our local cd shop and had him try some out. He felt all special! He said he has some thinking to do about which one he liked best. I will say this: all the ladies at the store were all giddy at seeing him try carriers on with Cubby all cozied up in there.

3. I received a gift from myself to myself. Yes, in enabling my own addictions. I will justify by saying that I still have some bday money that I don't know what to do with, ju-ju-be sent me an email, and the rest is history!! I bought myself the Be Set in Royal Envy and I'm excited to transfer my makeup in there. Do you like it?

1. While dog sitting my parents' two female miniature daschunds, my golden retriever paid them no attention at first. Gunner, our golden, is lazy. He lays down to eat. For example, he sleeps in front of the door, as a guard dog (being a door block instead Of barking) Dixie (the younger daschund) has been humping HIM like crazy! She was even humping  his face like 'what, you don't want it dude?!' ...I've learned that this little dog has a large libido. 

2. I've learned that men love el caminos. It's not a truck, it's not a car. It's a ratchet mess, is what it is. I had to ride to middle school in that thing, and was so embarrassed. Now, my dad is buying yet another one (he does this for a hobby...thank you retirement) and more than likely we will get it 'passed down' in the next 20 years or so. Oh. Joy. 

3. I've learned that the one time I don't shave is the one time I am in the mood to wear a sleeveless dress. With 30 minutes to get a baby and myself fully ready (change diapers, bathe and dress both of us, do makeup and hair), I grab the razor. Only a few nicks later on the legs, I was ready..Until I realize as I walk out the door, that I forgot the pits. 

What about you? Comment below with what you learned!