Sunday, March 16, 2014

What We Learned (March 16, 2014 edition)

Were your kids on break this week? After a fun week at home, the Mamas have a lot to write about. Well, Lisa wasn't at home, she was visiting family in Puerto Rico. So what did we learn this week?

1) I had the week off for Spring Break so I enjoyed a few new things. First, I started watching Scandal on Netflix. I don't know how many people have told me, "You should watch it, you'd love it," and I've ignored them because I don't have time for another show. But this week I did. So I watched all of season 1 and half of season 2 so far and I am addicted. Love Olivia Pope.

2) I went away for a night with my amazing friend Michelle. We went to a hotel and spa near the house, but it was awesome to get away just for 18 hours. We had dinner, talked about purses and girly things, and I had my first massage. It was fantastic. I'm totally going again. And Mike and the kids didn't destroy the house while I was gone!

3) As I've talked about before, I'm a makeup lover. I have a ton of it but most of it I can't wear without taking allergy pills because it makes my eyes water, my nose run, and my head fill up (fun!). I was talking to the massage therapist and she said that most likely I was allergic to synthetic scents (as opposed to essential oils) and that I should look at makeup that didn't use synthetic scents to see how those did with my allergies. I went to Sephora (which I have decided is the devil) and am now in lust with Bare Minerals products.

1. I've learned that spending time getting done up is worth the hassle. My husband followed me into the gas station on Thursday night and said 'Wow, babe, there's not a swinging dick in this place that didn't notice when you walked in the door.' Damn straight! 

2. We took Reagan to SeaWorld for the first time, and she was amazed at the Azul show. (Dolphins, beluga whales, and synchronized swimmers). I'm looking forward to picnics in the park, and the hot days of summer at the baby water park! 

3. I've learned that spring break meant projects and hard work this week. The hubby fixed house stuff like drywall, texture, and painted. He repaired the wood on the front door and most importantly installed a back storm door that I've been asking for. As I get older, 'things' that are done for us are more important that gifts. Unless it's from Michael Kors. Then, it's debatable. 

1. Banshee decided that she would play a joke on me. She stuck her hands in cold water, waited for me to pull out an arm out of the covers and then....she attacked. I thought I was dying in a frozen wasteland. It. Was. Awesome. Yesterday's hippotherapy must have done miracles again for her to play a joke. It certainly taught us to appreciate all the little things again. Wow!

2. I realized how easy it is to jump back into a routine after it's been interrupted. For the girls, the trip to Puerto Rico was magical and they are not liking the cold weather right now. For me, despite hating the weather with a passion, it has been ok. I finished chores quickly in order to rest. It felt great to get it done so I could relax and get this cold over with.

3. I also learned that my kids are definitely growing up. I've been asked to teach Pixy to tie shoelaces. So, we've been working on that. Sigh! What next? Am I gonna have to teach her to use the curling iron? Sheesh! Stay tuned for a progress report on the shoelace thing. 😉

What about you? What fun things did you do, see, or learn? Share with us in the comments.