Sunday, January 26, 2014

What We Learned (January 26 edition)

It seems as if everyone in the US is cold cold COLD! Brr! It's a good time of year to cuddle up with your loves (both little and big) with a blanket and a good book or a good show. This week the Mamas were keeping it warm and learning things (like we always do). If you're new to the blog, we do this every Sunday. What did you learn this week? Leave a comment below and let us know!

1. I've learned that my side street is the make-out Lane. Or, WAS, shall I say? I'm actually all for it. Hey, if you (teenagers!) are ballsy enough to suck face in my neighborhood, I totally applaud your guts. On the other hand, I thought this truck fooled me for thinking their sun shade was up, when in fact the windows were heavily steamed up. We drove by slowly, and when the hubbs went out with with a spotlight...*tires screeched* and they were gone. Yep, cause that old dude with a spotlight walking out to my truck wouldn't be creepy to me either...

2. On the way to the gym on Sat, I was feeling down. No matter what, I just can't find THAT song to get me crazy excited on the ride to pump iron. As I put on Britney Spears pandora radio, N'Sync came on (I want you back). As I was jamming out and emphasizing the word 'back' in the song, some trick swerved in front of me in the parking lot. I parked, sat in the car for a moment, looked in the mirror, and realized an over emphasized 'back' could be mistaken for another 'b' word. I mean, I do look like a tough guy with my headband, glasses and workout clothes on, but come on!

Tough guy says "Back!"
3. I've learned that telling my 14 year old that he needs to 'find something to do this weekend. Otherwise, you will be here (at home) working and helping out' translates in his head to 'you need to leave this weekend, because we don't want you here' wait..WHAT THE??!!! Seriously, that's what you got out of that?! Cue eye roll! 

1. If you remain open to things, there is room for good things to happen: went to Pixy's school to talk with the resource team to see if Banshee could attend there. It was a good meeting and we agreed on a visit or two for Banshee to see how she did. That's beyond wonderful! ;)

2. I have finally been given the green light by my doctor to exercise and resume life like usual. I had a rough recovery from Cubby's c-section and I even had a weight limit on what I could lift. But, I did it!! Operating at 90% now and I'm ready to attend a spin class. Bring it!

3. On a sadder note: I learned that we need to cherish every single moment as if it was the last. Today, there was a shooting at my local mall, which is less than 10 minutes from my home. The scary part was that Pixy was less than a mile or two from the mall taking a makeup swim lesson. Thankfully, all of us are safe and sound. The police kept everyone in lockdown until things were secure. So thankful for all they do! My family's prayers and thoughts are with the families of the victims. We didn't know your names but we knew your faces and we are sorry that you had to go like this. Live life to the fullest and don't hang on to anger. It's much too short for that.

4. January 26th is my old man's b-day. It has been a year (on March 6) since his sudden passing and we all miss him terribly- especially my spawn. Thinking of him on his 65th bday and hoping that he's doing well in Heaven. Happy Bday Pop.

1) While I've been teaching college for 10 years (10 years?!), I've never taught 2 classes back-to-back every day. I've usually taught 3 face-to-face and 3 online. This stuff's tiring. It takes all my mental energy to get through them (and be funny and knowledgeable). I'm already tired and we just finished week 1.

2) After a tiring week I had the best present on Thursday. Sage who is 19 months old gave me a kiss on purpose. He saw Daddy giving me kisses as I was holding him and proceeded to push Daddy away and lay one on me himself. Aw. I look forward to many more Sagey kisses.

3) I've spent the last few months trying to explain to Silas that he can't push his brother around because eventually brother will get bigger and push back. He didn't listen. I tried time out. Didn't do anything. I tried explaining how it felt to be Sage and get pushed down by his brother (whom he adores). No dice, he still did it. Today Silas was messing with Sage and Sage looked at him, cocked his head to the side, proceeded to head butt Silas in the gut, and walk away as Silas fake cried about how brother had hurt him. I had the same discussion with Sage ("We don't hurt people on purpose, it makes them sad," not that he got it) but I did notice something peculiar...Silas didn't start with Sage again yet. Huh. Not promoting sibling aggression but maybe this was the learning experience we needed? We shall see. I'm not holding my breath. *Never mind, Saturday Sage was messing with the remote during Silas' show and Silas put his foot on brother's chest and held him down so he couldn't get to the remote or the TV. Short reprieve.*

Now it's your turn - tell us what was amazing or interesting this week for you. If you don't see a comment box, click "0 comments" and you'll see one (silly Internet).