Sunday, January 12, 2014

What We Learned (January 12, 2014 Edition)

If you're new to our blog, we do this every week. It's like a Sunday round up of what we learned this past week. It's Sunday again, another opportunity to review what we've learned or marveled about this week. We'd love to see what our readers learned (or were amazed by) this week - be sure to comment at the bottom (click 0 Comments if you don't see a comment box). Let's see what the Mamas learned...


1. This week, we were finally able to take the Banshee to her therapeutic horseback riding. We'd been waiting for a long time but on a rainy Day, we headed out to the barn to ride on Bob. The joy on my child's face as she was riding the horse, was the greatest treasure ever! I found myself grinning like crazy at her, every time she'd ride by me in the arena. It was cold, but man...we cannot wait to do it again!!

2. I began a manic cleaning spree in the house because the house was under the care of my husband, as I'm still having a hard time recovering from Cubby's birth. He looked at me and told me how he doesn't know how I do it all and manage to stay sane. He said he was so exhausted from taking on my schedule, that he couldn't wait to sleep!! It was nice to hear him say that, even though he says it all the time, but I really needed something positive to get me going. My room is becoming a little bit of a prison and I'm getting stir-crazy. That's what happens when you pop a stitch on your Csec scar though. Sigh! You'd think I'd learn by now.

3. The Sailor begins a really grueling week on Monday. He will be living in his car, as he drives to his destinations. He inspires me sometimes with his determination and his drive to make himself a better musician.

1) This week I was reminded that while I enjoy staying home (and kids still go to school so mot really a stay at home "mom"), I get really excited when a new semester starts and it's time to go back to work.

2) Vivid examples are more "important" in some people's minds than research evidence. My father in law had a stroke Saturday (I suspected). Thankfully a friend of his called me and my husbands' siblings and we were able to get him to the hospital. His initial reason for not going was, "I don't like doctors. You saw what they did to Gary (his brother who died last year)." Gary had multipe organ failure. Just go to the hospital.

3) My husband was able to reconnect with his son from his first marriage last weekend, and we were able to hang out with him Saturday. The last time we saw him he was 10. He's now 13 and a respectful, intelligent, and helpful young man. It's fantastic to see how he's grown.

Robyn: Robyn is on a cruise with her family (try not to be jealous) so she won't be writing with us this week. Check in with her next week though as she'll have lots of stuff to say!

Now it's your turn - tell us about your amazing week below in the Comments section. We look forward to hearing from you!