Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lisa and #JulepNails101

A few weeks ago Lisa was chosen as a muse for Julep's #JulepNail101 Challenge. Here's her first progress post...

My results: 

Getting rid of hang nails and dry skin

Filing rough edges and shaping

Pushing back cuticles

All prepped before the Oxygen Nail Treatment

All finished!
They look good, huh? 

I had fun doing this! Pixy was my photographer and I had Cubby in a carrier so I could do it!! The whole process didn't take long and my nails are looking great! They're a far cry from being gorgeous, as I'm always washing my hands and they're work-worn, but I'm happy with the results thus far!! 

Can I also say how heavenly it was to do something for myself, even if the approach was unorthodox?

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