Thursday, January 16, 2014

Julep Nail Challenge 101, or how Lisa is trying to get her groove back step 1

It's a universal truth that I never feel good about how I look after childbirth. I feel like a slob, even though I brush my teeth, shower, and try to apply some eyeliner in the morning. It's hard to make time for myself and I'm often telling myself that I need to budget a little more time for me, to keep sane. Enter Julep Nails.

I was perusing Instagram and MAtH Liz has been mentioning Julep Nail products for a long time on there. It just so happens that Julep was asking for pictures of hands that have seen better days in order to win a manicure. On a lark, I sent my pic in, labelled "post-baby nails."

Mamas Arond the House
Lisa's "post baby nails"

I wasn't expecting an answer, so I went about my business. Within a couple hours, I got a message that my picture had been chosen for the Julep Nail Challenge 101. Whoa!! Really?! Then I thought, hands must really look bad. Ha!

Overnight, I got my Nail Care gift pack with a bunch of goodies to get started. Kate, from Julep, explained to me that I (along with 3 other participants) will serve as muse in their month long nail care 101 classes on their blog. We will document our progress using all our goodies from Julep and the readers will follow along for nail care tips and tricks. It sounds exciting and lots of fun! This is exactly what I needed to help me feel better about myself, and hopefully, help someone else feel the same too.

Mamas Around the House
Lisa's Nails 101 Package from Julep

Here's hoping you enjoy the ride too! Progress pictures will be shared on our Instagram account. Feel free to check Julep out online and take the classes with me!! :)