Thursday, January 2, 2014

15 Simple Ways to Workout at Home

Here we are, the beginning of January. It's no surprise that every gym will be packed and stacked for the next few weeks. People getting serious about losing weight, yada yada. Same old story every year, right? What are some ways to avoid the mass at the gym this month? Exercise at home of course! Just get creative, stay consistent and look here! Here's 15 ways to exercise while at home:

"Woman Doing Fitness Exercises" by marin from
Exercise at home!

1. Lunge instead of walking from room to room. 

2. 10 push-ups before using the bathroom 

3. Jumping jacks during one commercial

4. Plank on your elbows during a commercial break (approx 60 seconds)

5. Calf raises on a porch step or staircase

6. Squat an inch above the toilet seat  instead of sitting on the seat (mainly for women) when using the potty

7. High knees (think football drills) while waiting for the microwave to 'Ding'

8. Walk to check the mail

9. 10 Jabs and 10 uppercut punches while waiting for the water in the shower to warm up

10. At least 20 minutes of sex

11. 5 burpees BEFORE every meal

12. Wall sits. Sit in a chair against the wall. Remove the chair, and keep the same form for 10 seconds

13. Cat/Cow stretch. Get on all fours. Arch your back like a cow, then pull your stomach in so that the back is round like a cat. 

14. Dips. Sit on a firm surface, and place arms next to hips. Straighten arms, walk legs out so that you make a right triangle with the floor. Using the triceps, dip down, and push up to starting position

15. Scissor kicks. Lay in bed face up, and place hands under butt. Raise legs 6 inches off bed, and alternate raising left and right legs in a scissor like motion. The faster, the better. 

What are some other ideas? How do you exercise at home? Interested in seeing more at-home work out ideas? Follow our developing "Workout Ideas" board on Pinterest

Photo credit: "Woman Doing Fitness Exercises" by marin from