Sunday, January 19, 2014

What We Learned (January 19th edition)

If you're new to the blog, we do this every week - on Sundays we round up our weeks and talk about what interesting things we learned (or were reminded of that maybe we forgot). At the end we ask you to add in what you learned by going to the comments section (if it says No Comments click on No Comments and you'll be able to see where to comment - silly little blog). Each Mama gets to share a few things from her week. Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry, sometimes...we shake our heads and roll our eyes.

1. A lady in front of baby Reagan and I slammed on her brakes on the highway at a yellow light, on the highway, on Friday. Locking up a 3/4 ton diesel wasn't fun (or easy) for me in approximately 100 ft, going 65 MPH. We fishtailed, and ended up in another lane where, thankfully, there wasn't any traffic. Adrenaline made mama bear pulled up next to the car and proceed to inform the other driver of what exactly a yellow light means. She shut her face, faced forward and rolled up her window. Therefore, I've learned to be an asshole, not all the time, but only when necessary! 

2. I've learned that the symbol for carbon monoxide is CO. Which makes sense, each has one molecule, but I was forced to learn this. When Mike went out of town on the bike and the baby and I were alone, she started getting sleepy from tummy time. Then, BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP from the CO alarm!!! I freaked out, ran her outside, aired out the house, replaced the batteries, and reset the alarm. 30 min later, the alarm was no longer beeping and our chilly butts came back in. Still scared to go to sleep, there I was...up at 0145. 

Mamas Around the House
Lisa's Week 1 Nails
1. I learned to make time for myself, with a twist. I'm doing the 101 nail care classes with Julep and I'm supposed to take care of certain assignments. This week was crazy, everyone here was sick, so I didn't have time to do it right away. Well, I finally made some time and I had Pixy be my photographer. She took all the pics of me doing my assignments and she was so proud of herself for doing something a big girl does. My nails look great and I'm excited to do something for myself.

2. I'm already thinking about summer, as I see clearance racks at stores pop up. I so want to relax and take a wonderful vacation, so I find that this is relaxing a bit. It helps me disconnect from the daily schedule and think positively about something in the future. Also, how can I resist getting a sundress or two for the girls at $3 a piece?! ;)

3. I have decided to try out the Honest Company diapers. They've been recommended to me by a few girlfriends, and after seeing them on a friend's son...I figured, why not? I tackle life by wanting to learn about everything, so this counts as research. ;)


1) I've observed that Silas (3.5) will be mean to Sage (1.5) when I stop Silas from doing something he wants to do. If I stop Si from doing something I really have to watch to make sure he doesn't turn around and take away Sage's toy or trip him. Sigh. I've tried explaining that he needs to be Sage's friend, protector, anything good...but nothing seems to help. I'm open for suggestions!

2) I am becoming one of those Pinterest people. I used to make fun of Robyn for all her Pinterest activities, but I've definitely been looking for recipes and fun things to do with the boys on there more. If I have 5 minutes I'll open the app on my phone and scroll through for a few interesting finds. Are you on Pinterest? You should follow us here.

3) I guest posted on my friend Susannah's blog - you should check it out here.

Now you! Tell us one thing in the comments that rocked your week. We're waiting!