Sunday, May 4, 2014

What We Learned (May 4, 2014 Edition)

How can it already be May?! We're heading into the summer - how exciting. Every Sunday the Mamas write about what they learned or experienced this week. At the end of the post let us know what you learned or experienced! We love to hear from our readers.


1. We've lost a tooth! Growing up just can't be avoided! Things like this just make you appreciate the little things, even though the tooth was swallowed. There's no way I'm going diving for the lost tooth. Sigh!

First lost tooth!

2. I have decided to take a page from MATH Liz and start slapping on some makeup on my ugly mug in an effort to look less like a bum, even if it IS just to pick up the spawn from school. This would also justify my MAC addiction. I'm not ashamed of it. ;)

3. Finally, I need to take a moment to recognize online friendships. I was having a tough time two days ago. I got to thinking about Banshee and how far our journey has taken us--how far we've left to go.  It drove me to cry over my kitchen sink. I'm an open book, so I posted this to my personal Facebook page and a colleague of Sailor and family friend, who is an awesome human being, gave me a pep talk. Let me tell ya, I needed the positivity and the strength. It really helped me to dust myself off and get back to living. We haven't seen each other in a minute but, man...what a friend. Thank you Sailor R for being there!

1. I had an interesting week. I became a Merchandiser for Chloe + Isabel, an amazing jewelry (and fragrance) company. This week was a whirlwind of training and setting up my online boutique and making my first sale! Sweet!

2. Every semester at the college seems to go so slowly at the beginning but you look back at the end and think it flew by. This semester is the same. Finals start May 12. Whoa.

3. Silas' birthday rocked. We went to a show at a local Air National Guard base and saw helicopters and got to tour two. Silas thought he was in heaven...until he became hungry and over tired and I literally had to bring him kicking and screaming from the parade grounds. Good time.

Mama Robyn is taking a break this week - she'll be back with us for WWL Sunday next week!

Now you - what did you learn or find awesome this week? Post it in the comments.