Sunday, May 18, 2014

What We Learned (May 18, 2014 edition)

How can we already be into May? Time flies by so fast. What did you learn or experience this week that stood out? Every Sunday the Mamas share their experiences with you - be sure to share with us in the Comments.

1. I have learned what outstanding BBQ is like! Being from Texas, I know my beef and sausage. I've had some good ones before, but nothing beats 'Hard Eight' in Stephenville, Texas. Their brisket fell apart when I tried to pick it up with my fork. An hour later, the food coma was totally worth it!

2. Some people cannot be reasoned with. "Lime of my light with pops and orchids to the angry peddler"
Exactly, I don't get them either.

3. I've learned that it is now the time to search for a bigger vehicle, considering only one of our cars fits all 6 of us! Nothing new, no payments, and it has to have a third row. Not too much to ask, right?! Thankfully, the hubs is super patient and a good deal finder. Now if only he can please the queen bee. Hmmm. Only time will tell.

1. Unexpected surprise at Hippotherapy!! Turns out Banshee's horse was pregnant! Here is Beauty with her unnamed baby girl:

Beauty and her baby girl

2. This awesomeness happened!! Banshee is carrying her baby brother and using him as a compression vest. It was a really cute sight to see. She was very proud of herself and he was super comfy.
Banshee carrying Cubby

3. We had an interesting but busy week here! We decided to make plans for summer and think about things we want to do. The girls want to plant more flowers in the yard. Cubby just wants food. Sailor wants the moss in the yard to go away. I want to just read without stopping. The wolves want to eat the groundhogs that visit our yard and I've saved a zillion times. It's so hard to stop nature from doing her thing but I NEED to intervene. Sometimes being cruel is a sport, Mother Nature. Take some Midol and relax! ;)

1. Classes are over for the semester which is nice for both the students and for the faculty. This year I signed up to teach Maymester, which starts Monday (the Monday after finals end for the regular spring semester). I'm not sure what I was thinking. Actually, I am sure - my parents are coming to visit in June and I didn't want to be teaching face-to-face classes while they were here, so I got it done during Maymester (which ends the day before they get here). This is the first year I've actually realized I need a break from teaching though. I am officially tired. Not like "need a new job" tired, but just..."need a vacation" tired.

2. I was awarded tenure this week which is a great accomplishment. There's a rigorous process we go through at our school where we're reviewed by other faculty and administrators for the 5 years prior to tenure and then the November before tenure all our "stuff" (tests, syllabi, student evaluations, participation on campus/volunteer work, etc.) is evaluated. I'm glad the process is over. And it doesn't mean I can sit back and do nothing, which is what some people think "tenure" means. It simply means I'm "vested" with my company, so to speak.

3. I am loving working as a merchandiser for Chloe + Isabel - their products are great and people seem to really enjoy them when they buy and receive them. I have to keep myself from buying too much product myself though! But can you ever have too much nice jewelry? Really?

Now you - comment below in the Comments area and let us know one thing that you learned or that was exciting or different this week.