Tuesday, May 13, 2014

BareMinerals Review - Concealer Options

Concealer in small amounts is my friend. I use it on my chin, two dark areas to the sides of my chin, above my eyebrows, on my dark eye circles, and sometimes around my nose depending on how red it looks. Being allergy-licious, I,be found that two products work well and don't cause an allergic reaction.

I've tried two options for concealer from BareMinerals - the powder/mineral Multi-Tasking Concealer (in Bisque) and the cream/solid Correcting Concealer (in Medium 2). Both can be applied with a small concealer brush. I found the cream to work better for me - the powder didn't seem to provide good coverage.

Mineral Powder and Cream Cancellers from BareMinerals

I think for someone with less redness the powder may work well though. You really have to play around and see what works well for you.

Less is best. BareMinerals is all about the make under as opposed to the make over. The goal is to enhance what you've already got, not transform you into a starlet (although it is possible with BareMinerals). With powder, dip your brush in the minerals and tap it out until you only see powder, no mineral chunks on your brush. Using a circular motion rub the powder over problem spots. With the solid/creme again less is best and be sure to blend. Don't forget dark eye circles and the inside of the eye/bridge of the nose! We always forget to conceal there but it is part of the "dark circle area."

Don't forget concealer in this spot here

What is your experience with BareMinerals concealers? What tips do you have for using concealer in your makeup routine? Comment below and let us know! 

The views expressed in this post are my own and are based upon experiences with products that I have purchased, not products that were given to me for review. I am in no way associated with Bare Minerals - I simply review products that I find useful.