Sunday, May 25, 2014

What We Learned (May 25 Edition)

We're late the party today but that's OK. It's Sunday, so that means that we bring you a re-cap of the Mamas' weeks (and of course ask you to tell us what rocked about your week).

1. Having artificial nails totally saves a finger when grading cheese with a stand up grater. Sorry for the French manicure in the shredded cheese, family!

2. There's a lot of stuff in our garage that I never know we have. Tools, mainly. It's the man cave of our house. This week, not only did I learn that we have a car buffer, but more importantly that my hubby knows how to use it! I've never seen him wax a car until now. So, now that I know it can be done, I'll expect it once a week.

3. Giving up bread isn't all that hard. I've started eliminating it from all of our dinners. One: it's made us healthier. Two: we fill up on veggies. Three: the kids go to bed easier because they aren't filled with carbs and energy before bedtime. WIN WIN WIN!!!

1. It is a quiet weekend here! We are thankful for all vets: the ones who have passed on and  the ones still here....we are especially thankful for the Sailor and for MATH Robyn. We appreciate you.

2. I love to bird watch and today, I got my first Indigo Bunting!!!! That splotch of blue by my feeder:

Indigo Bunting!

 3. Cubby is growing fast! Kai, the wolfman, and Cubby have a serious bromance. Here is Kai babysitting:

Cubby and Kai

 4. My best lesson perhaps, has been watching the wonder of birth and nature through the eyes of Banshee. She loves looking at the new baby girl that her horse, Beauty, just had.

Baby is unnamed still but Banshee calls her Belle. Appropriate, no?

1. Teaching Maymester (a 3-week, 3 hour per day course) is rewarding but tiring. We've only been together for  week but my students have created this group and the group is awesome. They challenge me mentally and I enjoy our talks. I will miss them when our class is over on June 5. But I will feel more relaxed and less tired I'm sure!

2. Mike and I drove to Austin, TX today to go to an awards dinner - I received a National Institute of Student and Organizational Development Excellence in Teaching award. It's nice to be recognized for the work I do, for sure. But it was an odd awards ceremony. There was a musical performance and she sang Katie Perry's Roar and asked us, a room full of awards recipients, to sing backup. Uh huh.

3. Two weeks ago Mike brought home a kitten. He's all black and we finally named him DC (not Marvel). He's a sweet boy. Our sons LOVE HIM. I was anti-cat until I saw just how much they wanted this thing to love them back. I'm fine with him until he wakes up at 5 a.m. meowing and wanting to play - dude literally comes running out of his room and starts batting at me and chewing my fingers playfully. IT'S 5 A.M.

What about you? Tell us about your week in the comments. We love to hear from our readers and see what they're up to.