Sunday, February 9, 2014

What We Learned (February 9th Edition)

Who's looking forward to spring?! We are! Today the Mamas dish about their weeks. Tell us about your week in the comments.

1. It is hard sometimes for a parent with a special needs child to not look for those telltale signs that something is off(yes even at 2mos! The earliest test at Kennedy Krieger is at 3mos. Cool, huh?). So, as I was playing with Cubby and worrying he wasn't making eye contact, he gifted me with this:

Cubby smiles and makes eye contact
Yup, here's looking at you, Mama! Thanks, Cubs.
2. I was able to enjoy an episode of Swamp People. Sweet!! I love watching those tough guys and gals because they remind me of my father's uncles. They fish in the high seas and it's a tough job. I like that they know the value of hard work. Also, I like to eat gator on rice, so it makes me a bit hungry. I'm a huge fan of The Landrys, Willie and Junior, and Trapper Joe and Trigger Tommy. Good stuff!

3. We hurried to get chores done today so we could play. The ice is now gone and it was snowing lightly, but we needed time out!  The girls were restless. They went out to play for a bit and then Sailor took them to our gym to play in their daycare. He wanted to go run for a bit too. Turns out the girls got to dance, play with a friend or two, and do some crafts...all in the hour while he was running! I stayed home with Cubby and got some paperwork done. Win win!


1. Could you, would you, in a car? I could, but never again will I pump and drive a car. 

2. I've learned that Kasen wants to go to a Spanish church to learn Spanish songs. "But I hope the guy doesn't speak Spanish, cause I don't understand it, " he said. 

3. After one week of playing Flappy Bird, my high score is a 12. A damn 12. Flappy Bird is the devil. Eff you flappy bird. Until we meet tomorrow...muahaha!


1. Flappy Bird is the devil, I completely agree with Robyn. If it makes you feel any better, my high score is a 4. Mike's is a 5. Silas' score is 0 (he flaps once and then doesn't keep tapping). My students were playing this game before class started and I made the mistake of asking what it was and trying for a turn. For some reason the noise when the bird hits something makes me giggle every time. But I only downloaded the free version...I'm not invested ;)

2. This week I was reminded that people do appreciate when you work hard and enjoy your work. I was notified Friday that I'll be receiving a NISOD (National Institute of Student and Organizational Development) Teaching Excellence award in May in Austin. Pretty cool stuff!

3. I've never been one for co-sleeping. I think it's a fantastic idea but it's just not for us. I tried it when the boys were babies and I never felt comfortable doing it - it's as if I was worried about something bad happening (baby falls out of bed, baby gets rolled on, etc.). I also kind of worried that I wouldn't be able to sleep because I'd be constantly vigilant that the Bad Things previously mentioned might happen. Now that my sons are older, I think that it's sweet whenever Silas comes into my room at night and asks to sleep in our bed so I always say yes (to Mike's chagrin). But I always forget that he moves around a ton in his sleep and that I end up almost falling out of bed myself because he takes up over 1/3 of the bed. Cute but not so restful.

Your turn! Tell us about something amazing that happened to you in the comments.