Sunday, February 23, 2014

What We Learned (February 23 Edition)

After a busy week, we've got some things to write about. Every Sunday we write about what we learned or experienced as Moms, spouses, and humans in the past week, and we give you the opportunity to share with us in the Comments as well.

1) I learned that my sneaky pre-school age son can dress himself. Every morning before school he whines helplessly that he can't do it, he can't get dressed. A few nights ago he disappeared into the bathroom and when I went to check on him he had his pajama shirt on, his night time diaper on, and was working on his diaper cover. He can so dress himself. Note to self, Mommy.

2) My younger son is slowly picking up and saying new words, but he falls into the "I won't say it if you ask me" camp. Don't bother saying, "Sage, can you say X?" because he will look at you as if you're loco. But if you just talk to him and enunciate certain words you want him to say, he will repeat them within the next few minutes. You just have to listen carefully. I've been working on saying "open" with him for a few weeks because it seems he wants everything "opened" for him - toys, boxes, doors, etc. Yesterday he handed me the dominoes container and cried, "O-en!" Score! He also repeated "train" after he heard it 1 billion times. We just need to have patience with him apparently.

3) This week we finally bit the bullet and changed cell phone providers to Republic Wireless. A good friend has used them for a while now and had nothing but good things to say, so I decided to check them out. They use WiFi and 3G or 4G (depending on what plan you have) to provide unlimited talk, text, and data - $25/month for 3G or $40/month for 4G. Granted you have to buy a new phone (Moto X), but after doing out all the math for a year, I would still save $800 after ditching my $107/month iPhone. Interested in learning more? Check them out here - if you use that link and sign up you'll get a free month of service for one line and I will too. Yay!

1. It was 60 degrees and I felt like walking around naked!!! It felt amazing. We went for a hippotherapy session for Banshee and she did well. She was super proud of herself for riding backwards and doing everything the OT asked of her. Sailor and Pixy cheered her on!
Banshee on Romeo
2. I started going to the gym again. I feel good, if a bit sore. My legs and arms are good, surprisingly, but my trunk needs some work. Don't even wanna know what my butt looks like. I started with some spinning and made some respectable RPMs on the bike. Gonna keep it up!

3. I was surprised by a gift from a friend. I wasn't expecting it but I'd had a really bad week and I was looking for something to give me hope. Well, it came in a brightly colored package from Kansas. Lots of beautiful things for Cubby and breastmilk storage bags, which I needed and hadn't gotten around to buying. Someone was thinking of me and it made me feel special. Like I could take on anything!! It worked and it gave me the energy to get through this week. Love it!!

1. I've learned that sex is like's not important until you're not getting any. 

2. I've learned that boys don't care about matching. When I saw what Sean was wearing when he came home on the bus on Monday, I was embarrassed. He didn't have two clean socks, so he wore his only clean one, and one of my clean ones. Kudos to him for finding two socks, and thankfully his teacher is understanding when it comes to his sensory issues! 

Not his socks
3. I've learned how to reupholster without sewing. Don't ask! It looks good, and that's all you need to know! 
How'd you do that?!

And what about you? Tell us about your week and what things you learned by Commenting below.