Thursday, February 20, 2014

What We Learned (The Late February 16 Edition)

After spending the weekend looking googly-eyed our loves, it's back to the writing. And Friday was Robyn's birthday! Everyone say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBYN!"

Every Sunday we review our weeks and write about what we learned. Then we ask you to write about what you learned in the comments. This week we were delayed but you don't mind. Be sure to share your week in the comments!


I've learned a new decor technique...Shabby Chic! Reagan's room is my next project. Glitter, glam, glitz, and of course pics to come as projects get completed!

Having a pretty gym partner is a blessing in disguise. Often, I'm looked at as a bimbo because I'm blonde. But, when we started doing push-ups, a lot of heads turned. Uh huh, That's right! Pretty, smart and athletic! Now if I could only get my gym partner to stop complaining...

My birthday was truly amazing. I came downstairs to an animal themed kitchen. Pink zebra stripes, cheetah print napkins, 3 bouquets of flowers, and pink and black happy birthday/valentines balloons. Therefore, I've learned that my husband is finally starting to pay attention to things that I love. Thanks, dear husband, for not buying my the pots and pans you thought that I needed as a birthday presents!

1. I am over winter. Seriously. After this snowstorm that dumped over 25in of snow here, and more on the way tonight, I need it to be warm. STAT! We did make the best of it:

Lisa's fam enjoying the snow

2. Before Cubby's pregnancy kept me bedridden, I was going to the gym daily for an hour class. It helped me keep my brain going and helped me be fit, if not skinny. I don't think I will be a size 3 again (cue the Sailor cheering in the background. He hated me skinny), but I do miss getting out. So, tomorrow I've made a date with myself to get to the gym for a spin class. I've got my new sneakers and the bike seat my girlfriend Brenda gave me. Will keep ya posted!

3. Valentine's day will be a movie, Chinese food, and snacks kind of night. QT (quality time) together is always a great present to each other. I bet the following will happen: Cubby will fall asleep, Banshee will do an impromptu interpretive dance number, Pixy will explain every joke in the movie, Sailor will egg her on, and I will pretend that the dogs are not fighting for the last piece of sandwich someone left on the table. It's bliss, I tell ya!! ;)


1. This week Sage had his Early Intervention evaluation. The times they had available didn’t fit well with my work schedule so we ended up doing his evaluation during his nap time. They were able to get enough information to recognize that he was delayed enough to receive services, so he starts speech therapy this week.

2. The SLP (speech and language pathologist) that will be working with Sage doesn’t use “please” and “thank you.” I never realized how much this bothered me in another person who interacts with my child until she came into our lives. I think it’s the fact that she’s supposed to be a language model for my son and as the language Queen at this house, we use our manners. I’m going to ask if there’s a reason for it, like a speech teaching reason, when I know her better.

3. My sons love Valentine’s Day. I should rephrase. They love presents. They each received a stuffed animal and a small gift (Silas received a snake and Sage received bubbles which his SLP had and he loved) and they were all OMG! Thank you Target’s dollar section, I rock as a mom.

4. I’m ready for the high calorie holidays to be over. I mean seriously, how messed up are we as humans in this country – we spend 4 months over fall and winter having high calorie holidays and then we’re all, “Ahh bathing suit weather! Shorts!”

You're turn - share with us in the comments something funny, silly, strange, or amazing that you learned this week.