Sunday, July 31, 2011

Silas Is Sick

It feels like once every two months or so my son has mocos (Spanish for boogies) and seems to feel like crud. Since we can’t chat about his symptoms quite yet, I’m never really sure what to do and it makes me feel horrible. I don’t know if he aches, just has a runny nose, has a sore throat, or what. Sometimes he wants to sleep it off, sometimes he doesn’t. Sometimes he’s just glassy eyed and quiet. After his 15-month appointment at the pediatrician’s office, I’m pretty sure that’s where he got some sort of cold something that involves cranky, tired, and mocos.

Today’s a sleepy, glassy-eyed and quiet day. He’s taken two naps and the first one was three hours long (not normal). We’ve already gone through one pack of Boogie Wipes (yesterday and today) and he, again, hates having his nose squeezed. I wish he would learn to blow his nose. Yesterday I showed him how to and he wouldn’t do it, but then three minutes later he was wandering around the house blowing snot out his nose. Perfect. We use our electric nose sucker and that seems to help as long as he’s participating (and not running away from the sucker). You know he’s done when the arms go up and the face goes as far away from you as possible. *Sigh* Child.

This stinks. Other than these things, I feel as if I have nothing else available to me except the occasional baby fever reducer. But if you’ve got a little one or are expecting a little one soon, these are the things I’ve found the most useful when mocos strike.

FYI **The products described in this story are things we have found help us when Silas is sick, and I am in no way compensated for using them or describing them here.**


  1. I feel your pain. At 9 weeks 6 days old, I just had to suction Will's nose for the first time. I feel rather helpless but at least he can breathe enough to nurse a bit better now.

  2. I have been through hand foot and mouth disease twice with my toddler...105 fevers for two days. It is terrible when your child is sick! Hope he feels better soon :)

    following you back!

  3. Beth, I remember those days. No fun. When he gets a little bigger try the Graco battery one. It's great, and super quick.

    Jenny, that stinks. Poor bug. It's definitely a helpless feeling when we don't know how else to help except to hold and cuddle.