Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Little Boy Is 15 Months Today

Silas is 15 months today. It’s crazy how much he has changed in the last 15 months. We went from a newborn who slept all the time to a roller to a crawler to a walker to a toddler. Obviously this is how the whole process goes, but it’s amazing to think of the things that he can do now.

- He can walk well and even runs pretty well (his own version of running without bending his knees yet). We practice running around the house by playing Chase Me until he gets tired.

- Silas has learned to play well with the puppies. He’ll play Tug-O-War with Jasmine and he and Ivy have seemed to make peace, at least some times. He and Jasmine play chase but Ivy will still growl at him once in a while. But he has learned to pet Ivy’s belly which she appreciates.

- He’s moved into the “toddler throws a tantrum” stage of life and telling him “No” actually can be pretty entertaining (although we don’t do it just for fun). You say “No,” and this child gets on his hands and knees and (safely) gets himself flat on the floor and turns into a starfish, screaming.

- Words words words. There are lots of them. “Dipe” (diaper), “I-ee” (Ivy), “Jaja” (Jasmine), “Mo” (more), “bahh" (ball), “mine,” “soo” (shoe), “go” (usually with an exclamation to the dogs).

- He likes to watch Olivia the Pig on Nick Jr. He’ll even dance to the show’s song.

- He loves to dance in general. Any music with a beat he’ll bop to, and he’ll even bob his head in the car. If you don’t have any music on in the car he’ll bob his head until you put some music on.

- We’ve moved from two naps a day to just one at daycare. There’s no more evening napping which is ok because he now goes to bed earlier – dinner at 7, bath at 7:30, and bed at 8:15 (whereas previously it was bed at 9:30 or later).

- “Boo” is one of his favorite games – he hides somewhere and then I ask, “Where’s Silas?” and he slowly comes out and has this HUGE grin and cries, “Ooh!”

- Who pees in his closet? My kid. Twice already. And once in the doorway to his room. We need to get a lot faster at diapering him after his bath.

- This fruitcake is a climber. Already. He can get himself onto the couch, and even gets up on the outside coffee table (but knows not to try to get down by stepping, he waits for you to come over and catches a ride down). And he’s a daredevil. He’ll try climbing over the couch and stop himself before he gets too far.

- He loves to eat. My god he loves to eat. And he’ll eat almost anything you put in front of him. Raviolis and Chic-fil-A nuggets are some of his favorites right now. Ravioli face (who am I kidding, body) is hilarious and requires a quick bath.

- Mr. Bubble is his favorite bath time friend. Bubbles are very helpful when it’s ravioli time.

- Forward rolls. Headstands. We can do them all.

And this is just a sampling of what he can do. Crazy little boy. I love him so.


  1. Happy 15 months to your little man. Amazing how fast they grow...you hear it from other parents, but never believe it till it's too late to turn back time. Handsome boy you have! :)

  2. Awe, Happy 15th months!!

    Now I have the theme song to Olivia in my head :) I really do LOVE that show!!

  3. Awww, What a cutie!!

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  4. He's adorable!! It goes by so quickly, doesn't it?

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  7. What a sweetheart!

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  8. Following you back! Thanks for stopping by today from Social Parade. I will enjoy following your blog. My youngest just turned 18 months so I can relate to what your are experiencing with your son. Have a great week!