Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Fun Fourth

This past weekend we spent Friday through Monday with Mike’s Mom, step-father, sister (Missy, my BFF)

and her husband Jerry, brother (CJ) and his fiancé, Christina, along with Missy and Jerry’s daughters Ember (19 months) and Brinley (4 months) and CJ and Christina’s son Logan (18 months). Plus of course Silas, our 14 month old. As you can tell, it got kind of crazy.

On Saturday Mike’s mom Bettie had offered to take care of all four grandkids so the “adults” could go out. We didn’t know what to do (and didn’t know what to think of being called “the adults”), so we went to Chili’s for dinner and ended up being “those loud people” in the back corner. We had a lot of fun though, and then we played pool for a bit until 11. Mom texted us that all of the kids had fallen asleep. When we got home Logan and Emmie were asleep in the “big kid bed” (the bed Mike and I sleep in) while Silas was sleeping in his Pack N Play.

Mom said they were up for at least an hour giggling and tickling each other (well the bigger kids were) until they passed out from exhaustion. I’m betting Silas was standing in the PNP watching them and wishing he could play. Once he learns to be able to get off the bed safely, he’ll be up there playing.

Sunday the “boys” pulled and repaired a well while Missy, Christina, and I hung with the kids by the pool.

Silas had his first ice pop while Ember was a pro.

Silas practiced stairs with Grandma’s suggestions of holding on to the railing.

The boys ran around in their diapers until we threw them all in the pool (Logan still with his clothes on).

We finished the afternoon with some watermelon.

The kids had a blast and we got to relax and hang out for a bit.

While we didn’t get to stay to see the fireworks (they were after dark and we needed to start the 2.5 hour drive back to San Antonio before then), hopefully we’ll get to see them next year and Silas will be able to enjoy them. We did show the kids some sparklers and they enjoyed that. The most important part, for me, was the fact that the kids got to play together. They had a fantastic time. All of the “adults” said they wished we all lived closer so that we could spend more time with the little ones together. Watching the kiddos hang out and have fun was definitely better than any fireworks.