Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It’s Very Quiet Here…Shh…

The dishwasher is humming.

The washer is washing diapers.

The child is asleep.

Mike is lying in bed playing with his iPhone.

The dogs are relaxing on the couch.

And I finally have some quiet. This past week has been rather crazy. I’ve been teaching two online courses this summer, and on Monday I added in two face-to-face courses (2 hours each with a 20 minute break in between). I started the dissertation portion of my Ph.D. program Monday and I don’t think I’ve done anything differently since then – I haven’t had a free minute really. Silas has been working on new teeth, and refuses to nap after we get home around 4:45 p.m. from daycare/work and then he’s a crank ass at bath time and bed time (but he’ll go directly to sleep, so that’s good). Mike’s taking a new class as well (Weight Training 2) and has already injured himself (he did the same thing the first day of Weight Training 1 if I remember correctly).

So by the end of a day of waking up at 6:15, taking the Monkin to daycare, doing office hours, teaching four hours straight, doing more office hours, and then picking up the Monkin and going home, I am dead tired. And he’s been screeching. All week. I want to say, “Buddy, I know your teeth hurt. I know they do. And I do everything I can to help. But just STOP SCREECHING.” I keep reminding myself that it will pass and I’ll have my lovey little boy back. It’s a phase. This whole thing (work, Mike’s classes, teeth, dissertation), they are all phases and they all shall pass. At some point.

Sooner rather than later please.

But I have done everything that needs to be done around the house – dishes, laundry, kitchen, it’s all ready for tomorrow. And I’d really rather not think about all the things I have to do like grade my online classes or prepare syllabi for the fall (especially for the new statistics class I may be teaching if enough students sign up for it). I’d really rather just go to bed to be honest. A glass of wine doesn’t even sound enticing. If that’s not tired, I don’t know what is.

But the not wanting wine thing, that’s a phase too. It’ll pass.

So go do something productive. And then do something relaxing. And then go to bed (if you can).


  1. You are doing really well. I haven't been at the point where I could say I had done everything that needed to be done around the house for a very long time... since before I had kids?