Sunday, April 27, 2014

What We Learned (Sunday, April 27th Edition)

You may have noticed that the Mamas took a week or so off from writing. We were burned out - work, home, kids, LAUNDRY... it caught up to all of us all at once. So we took a blogacation. Don't hate us. We're back and ready to play... Every Sunday we summarize our weeks and talk about what we learned/experienced. Get ready to tell us what you learned in the comments!

1. Our Easter was a regular one: Sailor played at a few churches, we went to our church, and we gave the kids baskets. The girls think there's a hidden message here:

Easter fun!

Bwahahahaha!! Wererabbits are awesome!!

2. It was time for our recital pictures! They were extra special because the girls did it together. We never thought Banshee would ever make it to a dance class. It's the little things!:


3. We're headed into Amish country!! We cannot wait to visit Dutch Wonderland and have lots of fun! I can't wait to eat shoofly pie and Sailor just wants to eat pretzels. It's gonna be a good day!!

Oh! And just because:

The Cubbster!

1. I've learned that we were overdue for a car accident. Thanks to a texting and driving teen, she helped us get up close and personal with our car insurance company! Yes, our trucks got hooked together in case you were wondering!

Oh no!

2. Thursday, a violent threat had been made to an 'unspecified elementary school' in San Antonio. The attendance rate for the district was 43%, compared to the normal 96%. Therefore, our district lost 1.3 million in state funding to pay teachers, provide gas for buses, and other stuff. Now I'm wondering what we will see as the repercussions from this hoax! 

 3. "The blow dryer sucked my pants off" what Kasen meant was, (as he was blowing the leaves out front), was that his basketball shorts were being caught up in the leaf blower. You're welcome!

1. The past few weeks have flown by because they've been so crazy at work and at home. Mike's been working 50+ hours per week and is tired when he comes home. I keep telling him I would prefer him at home to the money, but he feels guilty because his work needs him. We're currently on the prowl for a new job for him. Let me know if you know of anything for someone with an AA in Fine Arts and a landscape background!

2. Silas' 4th birthday is Saturday, April 26. I'm writing this Friday night, so I'm excited to celebrate with him over the next two days. It's amazing how quickly they grow up. This is Si newborn, almost 4 years ago...

Newborn Silas and momma

3. Bare Minerals 12 hour sales are the devil. Even my mama agrees (because I had to share the love and send her the link so she could shop too). They had amazing can't ignore stuff. I should start deleting any sale emails from them...

Now you! Comment below and let us know what made your week interesting or fun.