Thursday, April 3, 2014

Response to 'I sell weed' blog post

Today Mama Lisa shares her thoughts related to this article about selling weed to support your family...
As I was chatting with a friend about the many expenses we incur with kids and kids with special needs I found an article online about the many reasons people sell weed. It was eye opening, especially because most of the people that admitted to it would never fit the stereotype of what a dealer should look like. 

I'm going to be honest here, I've thought about it myself in a semi-joking kind of way.  I'd be able to work from home, right?! Bills are always coming and sometimes seem to just stack up into a pile taller than the Empire State Building. I know we're not alone in this. So, I wasn't surprised that drug dealing was a way of life for some people. I've seen it in person, many times when we were in the Bronx: one time the dealer used our car's hood as his store!!! It's not foreign.

So, when this article popped up, I found it interesting. Following the footsteps of PostSecret, an app called Whisper has popped up on the secret-sharing scene. Load up your secret, share it with the world, feel better, yes? Here's the kicker: it can also serve as an odd form of social commentary; the kind that spawns college 101 courses. 

The posts to me were heartbreaking and thought provoking. Moms, soldiers, honor students, goody two-shoes....these are the new faces of drug dealing. I get it. The money is good, there's enough danger to make it exciting, and you have the perfect front if you live in suburbia. There's also the sadness factor. When do we reach this point, as people? You know, Where we survive by any means necessary. Is life now as hard as this shows? 

I'm not judging, nor do I know the answer. All I can say is, that if selling drugs and fitting the old stereotype is what's going to pay medical bills, or food bills, or schooling, I would do it. I've seen and lived "survival of the fittest", I don't want to go there again. Hell, who am I kidding? I'd move mountains too. 

What would you do? Share with the Mamas.