Sunday, March 3, 2013

Where Are the Running Posts?!

You may notice that I haven't been posting my C25K progress recently. "Well, why not woman?!" you say.

When you start an exercise program everyone tells you, "Check with your doctor to make sure you're able to exercise." And I did. No really, no joke, I did. She cleared me to start running. Cool. Then when I started running for longer periods (5 minutes or more straight running) my heart started doing wonky things. Now obviously running is cardio exercise, it will affect the heart, go through it, that's what my brain said. When I went for my 6 month check up, my doctor disagreed and sent me to my cardiologist whom I haven't seen since 2009. We saw that under stress, my valves don't function properly and cause leakage. This caused both my strange rhythms while running and my strange random rhythms at rest. Ah, I see, said this blind man (or woman).

So I am to lay off the running until we get this under control. I can walk, which I've been doing, but "refrain from extended cardio activity."