Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cloth Trainer Review - Blueberry Cloth Trainers

If you're not interested in cloth diapers or our family's experiences with them, this post isn't for you. Tune in another day and thanks for reading!

Keep in mind my son weighs about 39 pounds and wears 4T pants (for size comparison).

Blueberry Trainers were the first cloth trainers I tried with Silas. They look very similar to underpants except the waistband is thicker and there are bands around the legs (rather than just elastic). We're reviewing the Large size (32-42 lbs, 17 inch rise). We got the "Traffic" print. Silas was VERY EXCITED that there were trucks all over them. We sat and looked at them for a good three minutes before we put them on, marveling at all the trucks.

Blueberry Trainers have a layer of cotton velour/polyester inside against Si's skin, a layer of mictroterry polyester fabric, a layer of PUL (waterproofing), and then a cotton/polyester outer and cuffs. They come in three sizes (small 22-28 lbs, medium 25-35 lbs, and large). Washing involves machine washing on warm and tumbling dry (or hanging dry).

Once he had them on, Silas did not want to put on pants (which is normal, he doesn't want pants at home with a Pull Up on either). He was able to pull them up and down on his own and they weren't too bulky to put on his regular pants. The first time he wore them he was literally in them for maybe 15 minutes before he came to me holding his tushy, saying, "I ha a poo." So that was the end of them for the day.

The second time we wore them we were able to wear them for a few hours before bath time and we had no issues with leaking (and he did pee in them a little). He was able to pull them up and down by himself to use the potty and they covered his bum well. I've found that some underwear and trainers don't have good tushy coverage (and lead to them creeping up into his butt) but we didn't have that problem with these. He could tell when they were wet though and told me they were wet after he'd peed in them (which is useful because it teaches kids, "Hey, this is wet. I don't want that.").

Overall review? (on a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 is low and 5 is high)

True to size? 5
Ease of washing? 5
Price? 3 ($15.95)
Would I buy more? Yes
Would I suggest these to a parent who wanted to use cloth trainers? Yes

Do you have experiences with these trainers? What are they? Let other parents know how your experience was by leaving a comment.


  1. I have found that I really like cloth diapers (I use blueberry cloth diapers in particular) and I wish I would have started with them sooner- I think that once you get used to spraying them out and the whole laundry thing, they are actually way better than the disposables!