Friday, December 28, 2012

The Infant Sleep Industry

As I've said before, the six-month-old little boy isn't sleeping through the night yet. We had his 6m pediatrician appointment yesterday and were told he's 15.6 lbs (20%ile) and 27 inches (90%ile). I asked if maybe he was waking up because he has a fast metabolism and is waking up because he is truly hungry. The doctor immediately said, "No." You'd think she would at least consider the possibility, but whatever.

Over the past six months we've tried everything we could think of to get him to sleep. It's amazing how much stuff there is out there to "help your infant sleep well." Sound machines with projected images, swaddles, Dream Lights...check out the infant aisles at your local stores and you'll find a ton of stuff offering better sleep. I'll wander these stores and see soon to be parents registering for them all and I will stop and say, "You know what? Your kid may not take a paci. They may hate the swaddle. Don't get this stuff until you know it works. Ask for a gift card instead."

You want to register for something helpful? Get a glider/rocking chair (with a foot stool). It's been the most useful thing for both of our kids in terms of relaxing and feeding. Better yet, find a used one from family or Craigslist (clean of course). Don't buy into the infant sleep industry unless you truly need to and you know your kid will use it.