Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cloth Wipes – Not Just Awesome for Diapering (“United By Fluff” Review and Giveaway)

A few weeks ago I got a package with a Gen-Y diaper cover that I had traded for and it came with a little something special – a square cloth wipe from United by Fluff (crafted by the amazing Jessie McLouth). While we cloth diaper, we don’t typically use cloth wipes but I had been thinking about getting some wipes for general Silas clean up (think after spaghetti).

When I opened it I honestly didn’t want to wash it and use it on him – I wanted to rub it on my own face. One side was cotton flannel print, and the other side was super soft minky-type fabric. It was sewn extremely well (and machine stitched, work-at-home-Momma-made), and simply fabulous. It made me WANT to use cloth wipes on Silas’ tush. So just to try it, I did and it worked well - just as well as those disposable wipes. AND you don’t trash them after you use them; you simply wash them with your cloth diapers (or by themselves if you don’t cloth diaper). Some of her wipes come with the minky dot fabric as well, which I have found is super useful for getting in nooks and crannies of fingers and toes and other areas as well.

So you don’t cloth diaper? What can you use these luscious things for? Child clean up. Drool catching. Hand washing. Counter clean up. Spilt anything. Baby washing. Feet washing (I don’t know how many times we’ve done this so far with my stinky-footed lad). Wiping off the dog after ravioli night (no I’m not joking). Pretty much anything cleaning or child/cleaning related, you can use these for.

I am so in love with these wipes that I want someone else to have some too! Since the Facebook “likes” is close to 100, I’m going to give one lucky “liker” 10 of these fantastic things in their choice of print. How do you enter? Well, let me tell you…

1. Make sure you’ve “liked” us on Facebook.
2. Like United by Fluff on Facebook.
3. Fill out the entry form (which requires you to go to United by Fluff’s Hyenacart store and pick a favorite print).
4. A winner will be chosen randomly on August 15th at 11:59 p.m., so that gives you just over a week to enter. The winner will be emailed for their shipping information once the giveaway ends.
5. Wipe and clean eco-friendly!

Thanks for all your support you guys.

**FYI: The products endorsed and offered here were chosen by me and I was in no way compensated for suggesting them to you. I just really enjoy them and hope you do too!**


  1. I agree, cloth wipes are not just for diapering. I haev some bamboo velour ones that we always use when the kids are sick. anything else rubs on their skin too much and their noses end up red and sore.