Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kudos – The Natural Baby Company

As you may not know, our family uses cloth rather than disposable diapers (more on this in another post). Even though we have more than enough diapers to hold us over for at least a week without washing, I am always on the lookout for more simply because cloth diapering (CDing) is addictive. It’s like shoes for a shoe addict – you can never have too many. I’ve bought a few things from The Natural Baby Company (out of Bozeman, MT) and always appreciated their quick shipping and great products. Last week they had a percent off coupon, so I thought, “Well, why not, let’s see what I can find.” I bought three diapers and was excited to receive them.

This morning I missed a call from a Bozeman, MT number and the voicemail stated that one of my diapers was out of stock and they wanted me to call them back so we could figure out what else to send. I then remembered that this had happened one other time with them when they had a sale on GroVia seconds (diapers and inserts that are not perfect, maybe they have some stitching or color issues, but work perfectly). So I called them back.

Now, as we’ve all become used to, customer service has become automated service (if you can call it service at some places). So when I called The Natural Baby Company I expected an automated “press 1 for X.” But a person answered. Like a real person. I told her my name and that I was returning a call about my order, and she said she was going to send me to Shipping. Three seconds later another person (person!) named Donyetta answered and called me by my first name. Wow. That fast and you actually know who you’re talking to? She told me one of the prints I ordered was out of stock and asked if I was looking for a boy print, girl print, or a gender neutral. I told her we needed a boy print and she gave me my options. We decided on a dino print. Then she told me she’d ship my order out today.

Even if you’re not a cloth diapering family, check out these people. They have a great selection of toys, clothes, baby wearing items, breastfeeding help, natural personal care stuff, and diapers of course. They have fantastic human customer service, and they do a great job of keeping you updated about your order via email and their website. Five stars all around. Kudos to The Natural Baby Company.